What is orgvue™?

orgvue™ is an award-winning organisation design and planning system. It is used by hundreds of the world’s leading companies and consulting firms.

Change Associates partners with orgvue to deliver organisational transformation, organisation design and process analysis for our clients

We use orgvue™ to: 

Connect multiple data sources to give a single view of the organisation, analyse the entire organization in real-time and make decisions based on the insights. 

Spot opportunities for improvement, model and test different scenarios, and assess the impact of decisions across the organisation

Manage the implementation of changes against plans, track KPIs over time, and pro-actively change course

Benefits of orgvue™

1. Speed

  • Reduces costs – orgvue™ helps us save c50% of the time taken to analyse data and model changes
  • Easily load, identify data challenges and improve accuracy
  • Produces ad hoc analytics getting to answers quickly

2. Quality of results

  • Produces a solid data baseline for all phases of work, enabling robust decision making
  • Enables confidence and stakeholder buy-in to the recommended solutions• Uncovers further opportunities for improvement previously inaccessible
  • Promotes co-creation and collaboration

3. Visibility and monitoring

  • Enables tracking of restructures and ongoing management of the organisation post-implementation
  • Makes plans flexible and adaptable• Increases transparency

orgvue™ use-cases for transformation and beyond

Change Associates use orgvue™ to help clients transform their organisation for a number of different requirements and scenarios.

From analysis of as-is organisations and modelling of future design options, to process/activity analysis to deliver efficiencies and talent selection.

Case Studies

Change Associates’ approach has been powered by orgvue™ for a huge range of projects, from global functional restructures and M&As to deliver cost savings, to operating model design to support new products, process analysis across divisions to reduce operating costs, and modelling of growth to support workforce planning. orgvue™

The Challenge

With divisions in the US, EU and Asia, our client’s global operations lacked coordination, and Marketing teams were replicated in each region.

What We Did

  • We worked with the Marketing team to create six alternative scenarios in orgvue™ for restructuring and cost savings to simplify the organisation across regions.
  • We clarified the roles in the new structure and the cost, mapped people to new positions and monitored implementation in orgvue™

The Outcome

The new structure was successfully implemented, and we provided a comprehensive handover to ensure long-term sustainability of the changes.

“The work you carried out in re-designing our operating model is respected across the group and by our investors”

The Challenge

A food company required an optimum team structure across its divisions to compete against established products in the launch of their new breakfast drink.

What We Did

  • We analysed the existing organisation and worked with the leadership team to consider alternative operating models.
  • We mapped processes to roles and modelled the costs using orgvue™

The Outcome

The new structure was successfully implemented, and we provided a comprehensive handover to ensure long-term sustainability of the changes.

“Change Associates quickly gave a clear picture of the issues we are facing and the best solution”

The Challenge

A global car rental company faced a need to reduce operating overheads and create more efficiency of processes across its European divisions and operating companies.

What We Did

  • We supported their transformation throughout, including mapping processes using orgvue™ to understand what work was being done and the cost.
  • We defined a target operating model, identified efficiencies and transitioned 360 roles to 140

The Outcome

€2.5m benefits in year one and 30% (€14.4m) projected further benefits. 



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