Change Associates has been proud to work with Adept and Amey to produce the Customer Experience Toolkit for Place Leaders for the Excellence in Place Leadership Programme.

Based partly on our research report, Optimising customer experience in local government, this is a practical toolkit for place leaders in local government wishing to understand the needs of their customers and so deliver better outcomes.

In an environment in which the public’s experience of customer-centricity and personalisation are set by firms like ASOS, Amazon and Ocado, local authority place leaders sometimes struggle to meet stakeholders’ high expectations.

As Paula Hewitt, Lead Director for Economic and Community Infrastructure & Director of Commissioning at Somerset County Council puts it in her foreword:

“In creating a customer-centric organisation we cannot focus our efforts on a single element, such as a great digital experience or a compelling brand promise. These things of course are essential but as we have seen, to be truly focused on the customer we need to bring a series of building blocks together.”


Starting with customer journey planning, the toolkit includes practical exercises, templates, case studies and ideas to take you step-by-step through these five building blocks to customer excellence in local government:

  1. Collaboration and integrated services
  2. Branding and shared values
  3. Data-driven transformation
  4. Employee empowerment
  5. Culture change

The toolkit has a pragmatic approach recognising different organisations are starting at different points in the process, whether they need to fix the basics, deliver more consistently, or are ready to achieve customer excellence.  

It concludes with prompts for leaders to reflect upon when planning an approach and identifying personal challenges to providing vision, sponsorship, direction and role modelling for this task.

Click this link to download a copy of the Customer Experience Toolkit for Place Leaders.

Trevor Lambert