The client

Recognised as a global leader in interactive and digital entertainment, our client is a leading name in gaming products, services, and software.

The challenge

With federated divisions in the US, the EU and Asia, our client’s global operations lacked coordination. Finance and Marketing teams were replicated in each region; best practice was not shared; different systems were being used; and leaders could not get the insights they needed.

Increased competition from online gaming and streaming services compelled our client to reduce costs and improve its responsiveness.

The company started a three-year globalisation process. The Marketing team in the EU asked Change Associates to advise on potential structures for a global marketing department.

What we did

Our consultants provided a deep dive demonstration of orgvueTM and how it can be used to test and cost different operating models. Convinced of the power and flexibility of orgvueTM , the client’s marketing team invested in the system.

We set orgvueTM up for them and loaded all relevant data from their Workday HRIS platform. This process revealed errors in the data, leading to a cleansing exercise to get an accurate picture of costs across the Marketing function.

Our consultants identified teams that had erroneously been allocated as a marketing cost, and processes, such as product development, in which the function should play a greater role.

The need for greater coordination between the Marketing, Commercial and Supply Chain functions was also highlighted by the analysis,

We worked with the Marketing team to create six alternative scenarios for restructuring and cost savings to be presented to the leadership team.

Change Associates provided comprehensive training to make the marketing team self-sufficient in its use of orgvueTM .

The Marketing team is now able to model scenarios and the potential savings ‘live’ in meetings with the senior leadership team as part of the globalisation project. We provide ongoing advice as required.

The result

  •  The Marketing team delivered savings of $7m in the first year against a target of $5m.
  • Year 2 savings hit between $3 to 4m.
  • The Marketing Team’s analytical rigour and responsiveness during a period of intense change was recognised throughout the company.

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