As a consultant specialising in operational effectiveness, one of the most powerful tools I have at my disposal is orgvueTM from Concentra Analytics. In this blog, I explain why. 

What is orgvueTM

To quote from Concentra’s own materials, orgvueTM… “harnesses the power of relational and graph-based databases along with data visualisation and SaaS delivery. This combination creates a single platform to analyse, model and track organisations in a way which had never been possible before.”

In short, it’s a software service that creates interactive graphical illustrations of relationships in organisations, whether that’s between people, systems or resources.

The system allows you to reshape and test different combinations of relationships quickly and easily.

 How orgvueTM helps you visualise complex data
Image (c) orgvueTM | Concentra

I estimate that orgvueTM reduces the time I need to analyse and model data by half.

At the same time, it eliminates the errors that often creep in when you’re working in Excel or PowerPoint for this kind of project.  

I find orgvueTM so valuable to my work as an Operational Effectiveness consultant that Change Associates has established a working partnership with Concentra. We encourage all Operational Effectiveness clients to implement the system as part of the project to save time, money and ensure success. 

How I use orgvueTM in a consultancy project

I use orgvueTM in the design, implementation and management of operating models. It helps me quickly and easily test the implications of different models in a highly visual way that clients find exciting, logical and persuasive. 

The first step in any project involving orgvueTM is to load all the relevant data about people, processes and interactions onto the platform. 

This is the most time-consuming element of the whole process but provides the benefit of having all the information in one place. In my experience, this creates more engagement because anyone on the project can easily access and analyse the data and gain insights. 

The project benefits because it becomes easier to combine the experience of consultants and the business.

And because it’s quick and easy to iterate between data cleansing, analysis and design, we can go deeper with our analysis. We can try out different options, and consider systems and processes as well as people, without stretching our client’s budget. 

This makes it a great way to try out creative ideas in a virtual environment without impacting the day-to-day business. 

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Charlotte Gatehouse