To be able to model future designs for your organisation, you first need to understand your current organisation; your ‘As Is’ state. 

orgvueTM is an intuitive way of connecting people, processes and systems. so you can get a good view of your overall organisation. 

In this short video (3 minutes) we look at how we use orgvueTM  to understand the ‘As Is’ state of your organisation as part of our consulting in business transformationorganisation designoperational effectiveness and target operating models

You will see how orgvueTM can be used to quickly build different kinds of organisation charts from spreadsheet data, including related costs.

orgvueTM highlights where costs are greatest, where spans of control may be stretching, and where data may be missing or inaccurate. You can even use it to quickly identify those areas where performance is an issue.

We find it a powerful way to identify opportunities to address issues in future organisation and operating designs.

See also our extended video overview of orgvueTM and a short demonstration of using orgvueTM to model your future organisation.

To discuss how we can use orgvueTM to analyse and model your organisation design, fill in the form, email or call us on 0207 1011 979.