The client

Our client is one of the world’s largest airline groups with a portfolio of world-class brands and operations. Their fleet of 500+ aircraft serves over 250 global destinations and carries more than one hundred million passengers each year.

The challenge

Our client’s organisation had an agile culture but was held back by outdated HR processes and systems. Their HRIS landscape was highly complex, relying on multiple legacy platforms with no integration between them. This resulted in inefficient manual processes, a poor employee experience, fragmented data with no ability to produce meaningful management information and significant data risk.

They wanted advice on how to solve this problem and asked Change Associates to help.

What we did

We built a team with HR process, data and HRIS expertise and started with a diagnostic review.

We worked closely with the client’s People team to review all core HR processes and document the technology landscape, highlighting what worked well, where there were opportunities for optimisation, and what needed urgent attention.

Our team provided options for improved HR processes and technology to help our client understand what was possible. After discussing various approaches, we prepared a side-by-side comparison of two options: optimising existing systems or implementing new ones.

We reviewed the market to recommend a shortlist of HRIS providers that met our client’s capability, scale and cost requirements in case they chose this option.

We provided guidance on costs, activities and timescales for implementing the potential changes. We advised on mitigating GDPR and data protection risks and documented quick wins that did not require significant investment or systems change.

This meant our client could make immediate progress while reviewing the broader strategic choices and building a business case for investment.

The result

  • The client told us:
    They found our help in distilling the problems and understanding a broader range of options invaluable
    They want to move forward with implementing changes to systems and processes and have asked us to help

Image (c) Pixabat | Garten GG

“You’ve helped us get to a clear understanding of the problem and the options available to fix it – thank you.”

Client lead