Change Associates uses orgvueTM to drive data-driven organisation designs quickly and easily.

We use it in three key ways:

  • To load and cleanse data
  • To visualise and analyse data
  • To model and refine data

You can upload any kind of information about roles, people and processes to orgvueTM. Once the data is uploaded, it becomes easy to create an organisation chart. The chart can then be viewed in several different ways, such as a scaled organisation chart in which the costs of each department are graphically represented by the size of the relevant icon.

The scaled organisation chart enables us to make comparisons across the organisation. The people costs in this organisation total 73.8m.

At the next level down we can see the costs at executive level and the roles that report into them. We can also see, in this instance, that the Chief Operating Office is incorrectly reporting to the Executive Assistant. That can be quickly changed by dragging and dropping, so that he or she reports correctly to the CEO. 

There are several charts in orgvueTM that enable you to understand your organisation. Data can be analysed by payroll costs and FTEs, for example. The dashboard view provide access to many more reports.

We also use orgvueTM to model future organisations and test different scenarios. As we make adjustments, changes are tracked automatically. You can immediately see the cost and structural implications of changing reporting lines, eg the Head of Research reporting to the COO.

Roles can be deleted by dragging and dropping and any changes are immediately shown on the organisation chart. A Changes Report can be used to see the role-by role impact and cost savings in a summary. 

For more details about how we use orgvueTM to improve organisation design and operational effectiveness for our clients please email

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Charlotte Gatehouse