The client

Our client is a major retail brand operating stores, services and coffee shops across multiple locations in the UK.

Supermarket staff - how we used orgvue™ in this retail giant

In this retail case study we look at how Change Associates used orgvue™ to help a leading brand save £2m, while retaining key staff and achieving growth targets. 

The challenge

After a challenging trading period in the retail industry, our client needed to redesign their organisation. They wanted more resources focused on their growth and climate agendas while driving efficiency and reducing costs.

The company wanted to provide bigger roles for key talent and also to protect their customers from any negative impacts of the change.

They asked Change Associates to help.

What we did

Change Associates put together a small team with expertise in organisation design, data modelling and retail. The team worked with the CEO and leadership team to define the key principles for the desired future organisation. This involved an open discussion about – and agreement on – the likely tradeoffs.

We analysed the existing organisational data using the market-leading organisational design software, orgvue™. This process highlighted gaps between the current and desired future states. We then gathered feedback to identify opportunities for improvement.

Our consultants advised the CEO on restructuring his top team and worked with functional leaders to design their new departments.

We modelled different options to give leaders confidence that they had made the best choices. Change Associates’ experts provided external challenge to ensure they stayed true to their agreed principles.

Using orgvue™, we visualised the impact of proposed changes on the organisation to show the significant scope of the change. Almost 70% of the organisation was affected in some way.

Our analysis of the proposed changes by gender ensured integrity and fairness in the impact across the business. This dimension was particularly important to our client.

We supported planning for implementing the change. Our consultants provided examples of issues encountered by organisations that had faced similar restructuring programs and experienced the challenges of managing the difficult transition for people whose roles were affected or redundant. We explained how to mitigate these issues to reduce the impact and help the change go as smoothly as possible.

The result

  • The business achieved its objective of a redesigned organisation within the desired timescale.
  • The senior team remained aligned through a significant change with challenging decisions.
  • The leaders felt well-prepared to lead the consultation process.
  • Cost savings of more than £2m were delivered.
  • Growth and eco agendas were protected.
  • Key talent was retained. 

Find out more about how Change Associates uses orgvue™ in our organisational design work.

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 Client feedback

“All members of the team were professional and personable.”

“You quickly demonstrated a clear understanding of our organisation, our challenges and the outcome required. You provided a framework and processes to work to and kept the pace going by agreeing expectations, actions and timelines” 

“We appreciated your constructive, thoughtful and thought-provoking challenge and that you held us to account for the rationale for change and the decisions we were making.”

“You recognised where additional support might be needed and stepped in behind the scenes to provide that support to individuals.”

“Your documentation of the change process has given us a clear supporting rationale and ‘audit’ trail.”